Official QuickBall Backyard Set - Pro Edition

Available in 4 interest-free payments of $8.74 with
Pro Bundle
1x Official Quickball Bat
6x Official Quickball Revolution balls
2x sets of Quickball positioning footprints - 2x left feet, 2x right feet

Quickball Bat
• Black, high quality, lightweight plastic bat
• White cloth Quickball bat tape for optimal gripping
• Dimensions: 29" x 2 1/4"

Quickball Revolution Ball 6 Pack
• Reduced diameter sharpens hand-eye coordination
• Special air channels make curves, sliders, and screwballs easy to throw
• Works with all bat types - wood, aluminum composite, or plastic
• Features a red fastball button for assistance with multiple pitch types

Quickball Position Footprints
• Official Quickball Positioning Footprints
• Orange rubber footprint with top grips
• Designed for directional guidance when running from base to base